Billy Burkert


Summer is Serious 2

Athletes around the world were invited to submit footage of their game. The 100 best earned a nickname, were illustrated, and earned a spot in the draft. Finally, Nike pros Anthony Davis and Kyrie Irving picked their teams of 8, who were flown to Barcelona for The World's Baddest Pick-up Game.


In 2013, we attempted to give Samsung fans the Best Black Friday Ever. On Twitter, we created the Tweetducken. What's a Tweetducken? That's simple - It's a tweet inside of a tweet, inside of a tweet. We created images in real-time to announce the creation of Tweetduckens, carving users faces into turkeys, cooking them into pies, and more.

Magna Carta Holy Grail

To launch Jay Z's latest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, we created an app which gave behind the scenes videos, and early access to the album to 1 million Samsung Galaxy users. To announce the app, we took over about 18 signs in Times Square, and got the world's attention.

Falling Skies

To launch season 3 of the TNT series Falling Skies, we let fans "Battle for the Handle" online to see who would control the Falling Skies Twitter account. Leading up to premiere, we released propaganda images across the web to recruit our fans. During the big night, in real-time, we created images which turned fans into soldiers on the battlefield. When the dust settled, the winning side's troops were heroed in an animated video.

Dunk Showcase

The world's first global dunk contest, created to launch the Nike+ Basketball platform. Nike pro athletes issued and judged weekly challenges over a 7 week period, and LeBron himself crowned the winner.

All Access

All Access is a mobile website dedicated to helping basketball players improve their game using forums, Q&A and live video chats with Nike pros.

March Madness

Illustration and design explorations for Nike's 2013 NCAA Tournament social campaign.


Leading up to the 2013 NCAA Tournament, we launched #NikeRoar, which allowed fans to tweet out a cheer for their favorite team. We would turn these cheers into visual assets, and the ones that generated the most social activity were printed onto Nike t-shirts and sold online.